The Industrialisation in Waiblingen

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An audioguide through the history of the industrialisation in Waiblingen.

Teil 1: Introduction to the audioguide

Waiblingen's city centre.

Teil 2: Waiblingen in the first half of the 19th century

A historic building that reminds of the time before the industrialisation.

Teil 3: The railway in Waiblingen

The railway station as a symbol of the driving force for Waiblingen's industrialisation.

Teil 4: Technical innovations and industry

Waiblingen's former brickworks which installed the steam engine and other technical inventions and innovations.

Teil 5: The role of entrepreneurs

The Ziegelei Hess belonged to Hermann Hess, an important entrepreneur in Waiblingen.

Teil 6: Industrialisation changes the townscape

The Bahnhofstraße was built to connect the historic city centre with the railway station and new factories.

Stationen der Stadteilführung


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